World Harvest Church

World Harvest Church in Idaho Invites you for Soulful Experience 


Life is all about believing the Truth, Love and God. At World Harvest Church in Idaho they are promoting those believes. They believe in the presence of God, Jesus and express His words in every aspect of life.


Ministries include “Youth Group” which is led by Youth Pastor Sheila Hagaman. Her team spreads messages from Jesus and His love towards young people by encouraging youngsters to feel the divine experience.

Soul patrol or as they call as Jr’s includes kids from 6-11 years, performs events for kids on every Wednesday. Other important ministries at World Harvest Church in Idaho include Men and Women ministries. While joining this church you will get aware about their events and tasks which make you fresh and feel soulful.

The Food Bank opens every third Saturday of month from 10 am to Noon. They fed a good number of homeless people and families through this program. Eloy and his wife Molly are responsible for growth of this growing Ministry.

Adam and Sheila Hagaman are their most innovator Risk takers and Game changers as they spread the teachings about various topics like Love about God, Forgiveness, and True God given Identity etc.

True Believers

Being a great founder of this beautiful earth and God makes our lives peaceful and gives us better hope to live life in the way of we love. It’s time to thank God for what we get from Him and let others believe in presence of God Jesus.

These God men and pastors help us to make our lives better while experiencing love and charisma of God Jesus. They cardinally invite you to learn more about World Harvest Church in Idaho; come and be the part of anyone of the ministries at World Harvest church.

They are consistently preaching with love of Jesus Christ in order to spread the messages of God to each and every city in Caldwell and surroundings of Caldwell with name of World Harvest Church in Idaho. They are true believers and continuously trying to make this world a paradise where everyone can live without fear or panic.